3 Signs That Say You’re a Cat Lover


Sure, dog is man’s best friend. But if you’ve got a cat lounging on the couch — or, on your favourite black pants —you’re a cat person, and proud of it. So, how does the rest of the world know how much you love your kitty? Here are the 3 telltale signs: lots of cat hair, cat litter and cat toys. 

1.Cat hair is your everyday accessory.

When you own a cat (or cats), flying fur is just a part of life. Every time your cat rubs against you, or sprawls luxuriously on top of freshly folded clothes, it’s their way of reminding you they love you.

However, if it gets to be too much, here are a few ways to keep cat hair in check:

  • Brush when you pet them: Whether you use a grooming glove or a cat brush, gently brushing them in the direction their hair grows will help you remove loose fur before they leave it on you — and help you show them how much you love them.

  • Wash, don’t wear:Your two biggest secret weapons in fighting excess cat hair? Your washer and dryer:
    • Before you wash, run your clothes in the dryer for a few minutes to loosen and remove hair. You won’t believe how much hair you’ll clean out of the lint trap! (And, make sure you do. Safety first!)

    • During the rinse cycle, add ½ cup of distilled white vinegar to the wash to relax fabric fibers, which can release the hair.

    • After you transfer your clothes to the dryer, toss in a dryer sheet to reduce the cat hair’s ability to cling on.

2.You’re vigilant about the cat litter box.

There’s no getting around it; having a cat means having to clean their litter box and fight litter odour. Since love means never having to say, “Who didn’t clean the kitty litter?” you’re on the constant lookout (or sniffout?) for ways to keep it clean and fresh. So…

  • Multiple cats mean having multiple cat litter boxes: Cats can be particular about keeping clean — that’s why they spend up to 50% of their day grooming themselves!1 It’s no surprise then that vets recommend one litter box per cat, with another box as a spare2.

  • Clean is love:Your guests aren’t the only ones who don’t like litter odour! Your cat appreciates a clean litter box too, so give it a good scoop after you know your cat’s paid a visit to stop odours before they become noticeable to everyone.

Choosing an odour-controlling kitty litter is also important. Try ARM & HAMMER™ Clump & Seal™ Cat Litters — the revolutionary line of clumping cat litter that has guaranteed 7-day odour control, and is 100% dust-free. See which option is right for you.

3.Your cat is a card-carrying member of your family.

There are a few ways to show just where your kitty ranks in the family:

  • A picture says: Your phone is filled with photos of your cat — or selfies of you with your cat. And why not? Kids grow up, but your cat will never be too big to sit in your lap for a cuddle, or lay next to you to keep you company. Unless your cat’s not that kind of cat, of course.

  • Express yourself: You show your devotion with declarations like a sweatshirt that says, “Property of Fluffy” or a bumper sticker that says, “Home Is Where the Cat Is.” If your cat is part of your holiday card or family stationery, that’s the ultimate show of love.

  • Toy with them: Your home has a variety of cat toys all over — toys with feathers, bells and yarn. While an empty box or crumpled piece of paper will do the trick, they’re not as adorable as a soft, stuffed mouse with a bell tail.

  • Share their name: Less than 2% of lost cats will ever see home again, but wearing a cat collar and ID tag can help!It provides her name and your phone number in case she gets lost.

Dogs don’t corner the market on best friends. So, remember: when you show your cat a little love, you’ll get it back tenfold — the kind of love that will fill your heart every day.

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