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Protect your teeth and gums for years to come*

ARM & HAMMER Toothpaste product line

Naturally Powered by Baking Soda

3 ways ARM & HAMMER™ Toothpastes work differently to protect your teeth and gums

The key to a healthy smile? A healthy mouth. And unlike regular toothpastes, ARM & HAMMER™ Toothpastes harness the natural power of baking soda (otherwise known as sodium bicarbonate) to go beyond cleaning to give you stronger, healthier teeth and gums for years to come*..

Here’s how ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda Toothpastes help you brush better in three significant ways:.

  1. Deep-Cleaning Bubbling Action with powerful yet gentle whitening
  2. Rapid Acid Neutralization to fight enamel erosion
  3. Low Abrasivity Formula to protect enamel

1. Deep-Cleaning Bubbling Action

Unlike non-baking soda toothpastes, ARM & HAMMER™ Toothpastes go beyond cleaning to give you a whole mouth clean you can feel — and so much more..

  • Penetrating Bubbles:The natural, effervescent cleaning power of baking soda in ARM & HAMMER™ Toothpastes starts working as soon as you start brushing, quickly dissolving into an active, bubbling foam that leaves your teeth squeaky clean, and leaves your mouth with that “just-brushed” feeling that lasts — and lasts..

    The ultimate deep cleaning formula, PeroxiCare™ Deep Clean Toothpaste combines baking soda and peroxide, penetrating deep between your teeth and spreading along the gum line to deliver a powerful, full coverage clean.

  • Attacks Plaque: ARM & HAMMER™ Toothpastes are clinically proven to remove up to 5 times more plaque in hard-to-reach places than non-baking soda toothpastes — going beyond the brush to clean deep and strengthen enamel. .

    For healthier teeth and gums, our Complete Care™ Toothpaste removes plaque, neutralizes harmful acids and safely whitens your teeth, all in one hardworking toothpaste.

  • Safe, Yet Powerful Whitening: A whiter smile is always in demand, and consumers want more natural ways to brighten theirs. One such choice: activated charcoal toothpastes. Their claim: The natural adhesive properties in activated charcoal draw out surface-staining culprits like coffee and wine, leaving you with whiter teeth. There is no evidence, however, that this method is safe or effective — and experts say its abrasivity may wear down your enamel with daily use1.

    Baking soda offers a safe, effective and proven way to whiten and brighten your smile, by gently lifting and removing surface stains without harming your enamel. Our ,Advance White™ Extreme Whitening Toothpaste not only gently whitens, it also removes stains and prevents new ones from setting in with Stain Defense™ technology.


Baking soda in ARM & HAMMER™ Toothpastes dissolves quickly to get to work instantly.

2: Rapid Acid Neutralization

While you know that plaque can cause cavities, you may not know that plaque also creates acids that can wear away your enamel and damage your teeth. Here’s why:.

  • Plaque (a sticky film that continuously forms on your teeth and gums) has bacteria that feed on the sugars and carbohydrates left in your mouth after you eat or drink — producing plaque acids that lower the pH of your mouth.

    If your pH drops too low, you could lose precious minerals that keep your enamel strong — making you vulnerable to tooth decay and cavities.

  • Baking soda instantly neutralizes plaque acids better than any other toothpaste ingredient — raising your mouth’s pH, which restores minerals and helps strengthen and repair enamel.

  • Powered by the most effective levels of baking soda†, ARM & HAMMER™ Toothpastes quickly return the mouth’s pH to a neutral level — reducing the amount of time your mouth is too acidic.

    ARM & HAMMER™ Bright & Strong Truly Radiant™ Toothpaste neutralizes acids and strengthens and repairs the enamel’s surface with liquid calcium™ technology — filling in tiny cracks and restoring tooth-strengthening minerals.

Baking soda instantly neutralizes acids to protect enamel from erosion.

3. Deep-Cleaning Action: How Baking Soda Delivers a Clean You Can Feel

Even though enamel is the hardest substance in the body — even harder than bone — it’s still vulnerable to damage from decay-causing plaque acids and highly abrasive toothpastes. Damaging your enamel can cause your dentin to be exposed, which can lead to tooth sensitivity, cavities and a yellow tint to your teeth..

  • All toothpastes use different types of abrasives to remove plaque; over time, some abrasives can scratch your enamel, making your teeth more vulnerable to acid erosion.

  • Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA) is a method used to measure toothpaste abrasivity and its impact on dentin and enamel. Choosing a toothpaste with a low RDA is a proactive way to protect your teeth.

  • ARM & HAMMER™ Toothpastes like ARM & HAMMER™ Sensitive Teeth & Gums™ have an average RDA of 85 to 90‡ — lower than the 250 RDA upper guideline, and lower than many commercial toothpastes today. See what a difference abrasivity can make on your tooth enamel by watching this lab demonstration video now [video links to Youtube page]

*with daily use

†Among leading U.S. brands

‡ While this is an average, no ARM & HAMMER™ Toothpastes have an RDA higher than 130.

1Mulpeter, Kathleen.; “Is it Safe to Whiten Your Teeth with Activated Charcoal Toothpaste?”

 R™ Toothpastes are naturally powered by baking soda to protect your

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