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Stuff their stocking with smiles.

Spinbrush™ is everyone’s favorite stocking stuffer
And with so many colors, styles and characters—all
under your wish list budget—the whole family will be
singing, oh what fun it is to brush!

6 reasons Spinbrush™ battery-powered
toothbrush is the ultimate stocking stuffer

It's one size fits all

Spinbrush battery-powered toothbrushes fit
comfy and cozy inside many-sized holiday

It's double the
cleaning action

Spinbrush products deliver cleaning & whitening

It's easy on the wallet

A Spinbrush battery-powered toothbrushes is
less then $10 , which means you can stuff
and save

It's a unique
last-minutes gift

Even on the night before, you can find
Spinbrush battery-powered toothbrushes
at your favorite local retailer

There's a brush for every

Spinbrush battery-powered toothbrushes
come in dozens of color, style and fun

And batteries are already

So you and your loved ones can take it for a spin
right after opening

*dependent on type of brush
In hard-to-reah places vs. a manual brush. Data on file.

See Why Spinbrush™ battery-powered
toothbrush really is the gift that keeps
on giving


Tips to brighten up your holidays

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