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Everything You Need for a Powerful Clean

You told us you want products with fewer ingredients that still deliver a no-compromise clean. We listened.

New ARM & HAMMER™ Clean & Simple™ is formulated with just 6 essential laundry detergent ingredients, delivering a more powerful clean than our leading detergent.

Hard-Working Cleaner
(C12-15 Alcohols Ethoxylated)
Cleans your clothes and removes oily stains
Active Stain Remover
(Sodium Laureth Sulfate)
Enhances cleaning by removing stains like dirt, mud and oil
Laundry Booster
(Sodium Carbonate)
Improves performance and helps remove stains like mustard, wine, blueberry, and sweat
Pure Baking Soda
(Sodium Bicarbonate)
Helps to eliminate odors and improve cleaning
Water Softener
(Trisodium Dicarboxymethyl Alaninate)
Softens water to enhance detergent cleaning power
Gentle Crisp Clean Fragrance
Clinically tested to be safe and leaves a long-lasting gentle clean scent
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Free From Unnecessary Chemicals

No Dyes • No Phosphates • No GMOs • No Added Perservatives • No Enzymes No Brighteners • No Parabens • No Gluten • No Animal-Derived Ingredients

A Scent That’s Crisp & Clean

New Clean & Simple™ detergent was purposefully formulated to contain only essential ingredients including a refreshingly gentle fragrance. You’ll love pulling clothes out of the dryer just to get another sniff.

“The first thing I noticed about this product is the nice fragrance. It was a ‘just right’ smell—not too strong, not too flowery. Just right.”
- Pinnacle, NC*

*These consumers received free product to sample.

Real Love for Clean & Simple™

Real Users. Real Reviews.

*These consumers received free product to sample.

Our Promise To You & THE PLANET

New ARM & HAMMER™ Clean & Simple™ detergent is made with 100% certified renewable electricity and we give back by helping to plant millions of trees in the Mississippi River Valley. Clean & Simple is specially formulated to work harder than our leading detergent, with just 6 essential ingredients. With no unnecessary chemicals, dyes or preservatives, it’s powerfully simple, meeting EPA Safer Choice product standards to be safer for your family, your pets, and the planet.

We help plant millions of trees for cleaner air and water
Meets EPA Safer Choice Standards to give you safer ingredients
Recycle-friendly packaging
Made with 100% certified renewable electricity
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Inspired By Smart Moms Everywhere

ARM & HAMMER™ Clean & Simple™ is inspired by moms like you and all the genius ways you make life cleaner, simpler, smarter, better.

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