Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere? Explaining Your Furbaby’s Clinginess


The love and affection you share with a cat is something to cherish. Sharing in cuddles and giving your furbaby the occasional head scritches may provide a sense of relaxation in addition to fulfillment. But have you ever wondered why your cat seems especially clingy or why they have a tendency to follow you into the bathroom? A cat exhibiting following behavior is usually a positive sign of the bond you share with kitty. Still, sometimes you probably want a little space!


This article will discuss some reasons kitty might often be hot on your trail. We’ll get into whether it’s behavioral, when your cat is trying to tell you something, or if it’s simply a sign of closeness. You will also learn about how male and female cats may differentiate in how they show their love or concern, plus how protective cats tend to be with their owners.

Are Cats Protective of Their Owners?


Although dogs are the household pet more commonly known for their expressions of protectiveness, cats can also be protective of their owners.


Cats anticipating an external threat may exhibit certain characteristics, like hissing, growling, crouching in a stance, or having dilated pupils. Kitty may also display their loyalty by staying right by your side or cozying up to you when you feel sick or they see a change in your behavior.


So, felines have the watchfulness and awareness to reciprocate their love or stick up for you when they think you need it. But is that protective aspect one of the reasons why your cat follows you everywhere?


Cat following their human owner and rubbing against owner’s leg

Why is My Cat Clingy? 5 Reasons Your Cat Follows You


If your cat follows you everywhere, they might be trying to send you a message. Or, they simply might desire your love and care. Here are some more specific reasons your cat may follow you everywhere.



1. Your Cat Wants Love


Some cat breeds tend to be more affectionate than others. Regardless, if you’re wondering why your cat follows you everywhere, it’s often a sign they enjoy your company or spending time around you!


“Your cat can follow you around for a variety of reasons,” says cat behavior expert and best-selling author Pam Johnson-Bennett1, “the number one reason is that you have a strong bond, and your cat finds comfort being near you.”


Your cat can express the need for more love in different ways. If they sleep right next to you, for example, they are likely signaling a desire to stay near you. Cats may also lay on your chest because they like the warmth and comfort your body provides.


You want to ensure you do the right things to help strengthen the bond with your cat or kitten. That means setting aside time to play with them and offer cuddles! You should also know what kind of scritches kitty likes so you can pet them lovingly.


2. Your Cat Needs Attention


House cats don’t have much of an opportunity to explore or mingle with other feline friends. They mostly wait around so they can spend time with you. This could explain why your cat or kitten feels clingy after you come back from a trip or have been out of the house for long periods of time. You should also consider whether you’ve seen other signs of separation anxiety in your furbaby so you can devise some strategies to help them adjust to being alone when you’re not at home.


It's also possible your cat has encountered some kind of situation or event that may have provoked a feeling of stress. Their following may serve as a kind of call for help or assistance. It’s also possible that your cat may feel ill, although many felines more commonly hide out when they are under the weather.


Reach out to a specialist or veterinarian if you experience an abnormal amount of following or clinginess and want to know whether it’s a behavioral or health issue.


3. Kitty is Hungry


You may notice your furbaby follows you or makes eyes at you around the same time each day. It’s quite possible they’re ready for the next meal!


“If it’s close to mealtime, your cat may follow you as a subtle, or not so subtle reminder,” says Johnson-Bennett.


Cats often want to keep their mama or daddy in line of sight when they get hungry so they can immediately chow down whenever their meal is served. Your cat is almost certainly aware of where the food resides and thus may tail you whenever you make a trip to the kitchen or anywhere close to their food bowl!


Cat pawing their owner’s leg and following them around the house

4. Marking Territory


Kitty wants spaces of their own when they get comfortable in their home. That’s why it’s important to know how to set up a litter box and do it in a location that is very accessible to them. The litter box isn’t the only area they may stake a claim too, though. Maybe your cat has a favorite napping spot where they like to catch z’s every afternoon. So, they may interpret a closed door or visit to the basement as an infringement on their territory.


For example, if your cat likes to follow you to the bathroom, they probably fear you will close off doors and limit their freedom of access to different spaces. It may seem abnormal for them to no longer get into rooms they are used to frequenting. That could explain why you hear a scratching at the bathroom door when you’re trying to do your business!


5. Curiosity Strikes!


Just as your cat may oppose a door closing, they may be every bit as intrigued by another one opening. Are you going into the attic for the first time in years? Your curious cat may follow you and have a look around. Your cat may also follow you because, well, they want to know what you do all day.


“Cats are curious and love to discover,” says Johnson-Bennett, “so your cat may be interested in checking out what you’re doing.”


Boredom may strike when kitty finishes playing or isn’t getting consistent cuddles. They may feel an urge to investigate and thus decide to follow you around the home.



Blue-eyed cat lays its head down on the couch

Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere but Won’t Cuddle?


If your cat is following you but has no interest in cuddling, they may need food or water, or may simply be curious or cautious about where you are or what you’re doing. But a refusal to cuddle is not necessarily a bad thing!


Not all cats enjoy physical affection, and it may simply be a personality trait. Some likely show love and care in other ways. The unwillingness to cuddle may also trace back to when your cat was a kitten, particularly if they weren’t socialized. For adopted cats or kittens, it’s possible they may have had negative experiences with physical touch before you brought them into your home and thus are hesitant to be lovey-dovey with you.


You want to heed your cat’s needs and respect their likes and dislikes whenever possible. Doing so can deepen the relationship you have with your furbaby and may ultimately increase their comfort or willingness to cuddle.


Are Male Cats More Affectionate Than Female Cats?


Male cats are generally considered more affectionate and energetic compared to their female counterparts. Males may show a greater tendency to interact both with humans as well as other cats, whereas female cats may be more standoffish.


Males can also show more public displays of energy. They might experience more frequent fits of the zoomies. Males may also go out of their way to form bonds with other cats in the home, whether all felines share a litter box or not.


Females, on the other hand, are typically more independent. They might sleep more or carve out extra time for playing with a scratching pad or some of their own toys. Additionally, females may be more territorial. If you have a female cat and kitty follows you everywhere, they are probably curious about why you’re closing doors or using the spaces they frequent.


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1Pam Johnson-Bennett is the best-selling author of 10 books. She starred in the Animal Planet UK series Psycho Kitty, and is one of the most popular and sought-after cat behavior experts in the world. She is considered a pioneer in the field of cat behavior consulting and has influenced many practicing in the field today. Pam began making house calls to work with clients on cat behavior problems in 1982 and had her first book published in 1990. Since then, she has led the way as an inspiration and mentor to many in the cat behavior profession and her books have been used as texts for professional behavior courses.


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