Super Washing Soda Household Cleaner & Laundry Booster DIY Home Hacks


Laundry and Linens
For best laundry results add ½ cup of ARM & HAMMER™ Super Washing Soda Detergent Booster along with the usual amount of detergent at the beginning of the wash cycle. For tough stains, in a tub of water add 2 tablespoons of Super Washing Soda per gallon and pre-soak for at least 30 minutes. For best results pre-soak overnight, then add ½ cup of Super Washing Soda along with detergent and wash. Always follow machine instructions when adding laundry products, add clothes and let water fill completely.

Silver, Copper, Gold Pieces
Super Washing Soda can be used with special cleaning plates such as QWICKSILVER®, SilverLion and Speedy Plate to remove tarnish from silver, silver plate, jewelry, gold, copper, bronze, stainless steel, and most brass. Follow manufacturer guidelines.

Ovens, Range Tops, Broiler Pans, Sinks
Ease these messy jobs with a solution of ½ cup Super Washing Soda Household Cleaner & Laundry Booster dissolved in a gallon of warm water. For burners, remove and soak in solution for at least 30 minutes to help banish greasy build-up. Always rinse well and dry. For stubborn, crusted soils, sprinkle Super Washing Soda dry on a damp sponge to scour quickly and easily. Do not use on aluminum and follow manufacturer guidelines.

Super Washing Soda adds extra cleaning and freshening power for tough household jobs as a laundry detergent booster and as a household cleaner. It's effective and all-natural!

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