Cute Halloween Costumes for Your Cat or Kitten


When you’re planning your couple, family, or group Halloween costumes, don’t forget to include your furry friends in the fun. With some care and creativity, you and your cat or kitten can be quite the pair in cute costumes that are purrfectly pawsome this Halloween! Here are some tips.

1.Halloween Costumes that are Safe for Cats

Cute Halloween costume for your cat.

We love our cats because they are fiercely independent and have strong personalities of their own. Some cats are more tolerant than others, especially if they are younger kittens or more used to collars, harnesses, backpacks, or being handled. It’s important to remember that just because you think something will be fun doesn’t mean your cat will agree. No Halloween costume is worth stressing your pet or putting them in danger.

According to the ASPCA, wearing costumes may cause some animals undue stress. Before Halloween night, follow these tips to be sure your cat is safe in their costume and can enjoy the spooky fun without harm:

  • Always try the costume on your cat before Halloween night so you can see how it fits and help your cat get used to it.
  • Make sure your cat’s Halloween costume doesn’t limit their ability to see, eat, use the litter box, breathe, meow, or move.
  • Check the costume for small, dangling or easily chewed-off pieces that could present a choking hazard. Remove before wear.
  • Make sure the costume fits properly. Ill-fitting outfits can twist or slip and potentially endanger your kitty as she moves.
  • Ensure that candle flames, wires, and candy are out of reach of your cat’s curious paws and mouth. This isn’t about your cat’s costume, but rather about your Halloween décor in general.

If you follow these tips and your cat still won’t agree to wear a Halloween costume, don’t despair. There’s still plenty of fun to be had. Consider your kitty your spooky sidekick and theme your own costume around them. Got an orange tabby that looks like a tiger? Maybe you’re an animal caretaker, a zookeeper, or a character from a popular story that includes a tiger. Are you the proud parent of a void kitty, all in black? Incorporate them into your witch, plague doctor, or vampire costume for Halloween fun.

Is your feline friend a calico or a black-and-white cow cat? Choose a farmer or milkmaid/milkman costume to work with your cat’s natural outfit’s color scheme. Got a gray kitty? Maybe they once were white and have traveled through the soot, just like you dressed as a chimney sweep. Tuxedo kitty? Complement them in your own black and white formal wear or perhaps dress as a penguin yourself! All white cat? That screams super villain or a villain parody. Go with it and pet your kitty and cackle.

You can always match your furry friend by dressing as a cat yourself, and bringing along your feline mini-me for Halloween fun.

2.Costume Ideas for Your Halloween Cat

While black cats are a symbol of Halloween, cats of any color or pattern look great in costume. Most cats do better with costumes that go across their backs than ones that go around their heads and forelegs, but if you have a particularly compliant kitty, you may be able to have them wear a more elaborate costume that includes a hat or jacket.

For a simple cat Halloween costume that you can DIY, try cutting shapes out of felt or foam, and attaching them around your cat’s stomach, just behind the front legs using a Velcro strap. You can create bat wings or dragon wings easily, or go under your cat’s belly and close on top of the back to create the classic cat taco or a purrito. With green and brown felt, you can cut the shape of an avocado and turn your kitty into the puntastic avogato!

Just remember not to tie anything too tightly around your cat’s neck or to use pieces of string that your cat may chew and ingest. You don’t want your cute Halloween costume to result in a trip to the vet and danger for your purrific pal.

If your cat won’t wear the costume for long, that’s okay. Get your Instagram-worthy picture quickly and then your followers will love your cute cat in their pawsatively purrfect costume. After all, the Internet was created for cat pics, right?

3.Outfits for Cats All Year Long

Cute Halloween costume for your cat.

Puppers don’t have a monopoly on cute costumes for Halloween or another holiday. When your cat is your BFF, they can join in the holiday fun by getting spooky this Halloween in an outfit to complement your costume or show their personality.

Once your kitty gets more acclimated to wearing a costume, you can have her join the holiday spirit by becoming a reindeer, angel, elf, or bunny at other occasions throughout the year. Upon her birthday, don’t forget to reward her with a pawesome party!

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