What is the Best Way to Remove Grass Stains from Clothes?


The process for removing grass stains varies from one material to the next. For typical cotton and synthetic-fiber garments, a direct application of liquid laundry detergent followed by a regular wash cycle is an effective approach. Always check the label to minimize the chances of fading or damage.

1.Removing Grass Stains: Step-by-Step Instructions

For washing machine safe-clothes:


  • Apply a small amount of ARM & HAMMER Plus OxiClean™ liquid laundry detergent to a hidden area of the garment to check for fading. ARM & HAMMER Plus OxiClean™ detergents include stain removal enzymes formulated to power out tough stains and odors, so they are ideal for hard-to-remove stains such as grass and dirt.
  • Use a soft brush to gently rub liquid detergent directly into the grass stain and let it sit for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Run your garment through a normal wash cycle.

2.Tips for Effective Grass Stain Removal

While every stain will respond differently to stain treatments, here are some recommendations that will give you a better chance of successful grass stain removal:


  • Act quickly! As with any type of stain, if you can treat a grass stain before it has a chance to dry, your likelihood of removing it will improve.
  • Cold water is preferable for removing grass stains, as hot water can cause the stain to harden and set, making it more difficult to remove.
  • When applying pre-treatment with liquid laundry detergent, avoid scrubbing the grass stain too harshly to avoid fading or stretching the fabric. A soft brush such as a toothbrush is a good choice.
  • Use a laundry detergent that contains stain fighting additives like ARM & HAMMER Plus OxiClean™.
  • Add a stain-fighting laundry booster to improve your detergent’s cleaning power.

3.Which Laundry Products Are Best for Grass Stain Removal?

A laundry detergent with stain removing enzymes will be the most effective for grass stains. To learn more about some of our best detergents for tough grass stains, explore the links below:



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