Unique & Cute Gift Ideas for Cats & Cat Lovers


Cats are part of the family, and that means they get gifts, too, at birthdays and holidays. Here are some great gift ideas for cat moms, dads, ‘crazy’ cat ladies, cat-obsessed friends and all types of cat people – and some ideas for toys or presents sure to warm the heart of your feline furbaby.

1.Gifts, Toys, & Accessories for Your Cat

Pets dressed up for the holidays.

When the holidays come around, there are presents for everyone, including your cat. Beware, though: even if you get kitty the best cat toy for Christmas, they may prefer to play with the crumpled wrapping paper or the ribbon – at least at first. This should encourage you to wrap your cat’s gifts because now kitty gets two presents, one for now, and one for later!


A New Place to Nap: Cat Beds Make Great Gifts

Every cat parent knows the expression, “if I fits, I sits,” with kitty enjoying every cardboard box, grocery bag, suitcase, or random pile of clothes as a great place to hunker down, loaf, and catch some zzzz’s. For a great gift for their birthday, Christmas, or another holiday, give your special cuddlebug an upgrade with a soft and personal cat bed that they’ll love to curl up in.


A cat bed is more than a convenience or a nice present. Elder cats ( cat is considered senior at age 11) may have more joint pain and a soft foam bed keeps them off the floor and comfortable. Senior kitties also especially prefer warm spaces and enjoy sleeping on heated bedding. Donut-shaped cat beds often help kitties feel less anxious and more protected.


When their new cat bed becomes a favored place to rest their chins or stretch out to feel the sunshine on their stomachs, perhaps your laptop will not look so desirable as a place to nap! A present for both you and your kitty!


Cat Chaser Toys Bring Out the Best Feline Fun

Your cat will love the novelty and fun of a new chaser toy for Christmas or an anytime gift. It’s always fun to chase and pounce, and chaser toys are designed for your cat’s instincts to hunt.


Often made with feathers to mimic a bird or with fuzz and a tail to imitate mice, chaser toys come in two types: the ones that dangle from a string on the end of a stick so you can interact with your kitty and build bonds through play and ones designed for solo play. When you give your cat a new chaser toy, you also get to enjoy their antics as they wiggle their rears, pupils dilate, and they pounce to capture their “prey.”


Some toys are designed for cats who like to leap and catch in mid-air, while others are for ground hunters. If you’re looking for something more unique, check out your local pet store or the artists on Etsy who are making themed, personal, and custom cat chaser toys.


A New Scratching Post is Appreciated by Kitty and Cat Moms & Dads

Cat’s claws shed and scratching is part of cat behavior to keep claws healthy and stretch their spines. Cats that don’t have appropriate places to scratch may use your upholstered furniture or the corner of your mattress, which seem perfect to them for their needs. Even if you have a scratching post for kitty, they do wear out and need to be replaced.

For a luxury cat gift, this scratching post is 32” tall so that even larger furbabies can reach up and get a full stretch. The base is weighted to help eliminate tips and wobbles, and the sisal material inspires kitty to scratch without the danger of snagging a nail. Plus, it comes in a classy design and multiple colors that will blend with home décor.

If you’re a DIY-er, why not try making a cat tree or scratching post for your feline bestie? You and kitty can work together making the gift, and he is sure to test it out while in progress!

Cat-Themed Gifts and Other Presents for Cat Lovers

If there is one thing that cat lovers can’t get enough of, it’s more cats. Live ones to snuggle and play with, of course, but also pictures of cats, cat memorabilia, cat puns, cat-shaped items, and signs and accessories that show off their love of furry felines.

Cat Puns are Purrfect Gifts for Cat Lovers

There is always room for more cat puns in a cat lover’s life. You can’t go wrong with one of these punny gifts:

  • Cat moms will relish the aromatherapy aspects of a scented candle while enjoying the pun-ishment of various cat slogans on the jar or the fun of cat-shaped votive holders and beeswax sculpted candles.
  • Or go for the stress-relieving puns for cat lovers and wine enthusiasts, emblazoned on stemless wine glasses. Because what is better than drinking wine and petting cats?
  • Show your love for your cat lover and celebrate your cat’s love at the same time with a witty tea towel with fun cat messages such as “I Loaf You,” “All You Knead is Love,” “I Slow Blink You,” and more.


Personalized Gifts for Cat Moms and Dads

While cat lovers may love all cats, they love their own kitties most of all. Celebrate their cat baby with a unique gift that features none other than … their own cat’s name or likeness.

  • Best Cat Mom or Dad mug, personalized with your cat lover’s name or their cat’s picture, and an appreciative message from their cat. There are many styles and messages to choose from, full of puns and holiday-themes from Christmas, birthday and Caturday.
  • Take a picture of their kitty and turn it into a portrait or pop style wall art, or made into a mask, t-shirt, phone case, or other accessories for a fun and personal gift from Pop Your Pup. Choose a regal pose, a judgey face, the ever-popular mid-yawn squint, or another cat expression for an endearing and one-of-a-kind present.
  • Take any photo of kitty (with or without their hooman) and transform it into a customized sequin changing pillow. for a fun reveal and personal gift.


Unique Cat Lover Gifts

From the quirky and funny to the pithy and punny, there are plenty of unique items that make meow-nificent gifts for all the cat ladies, cat parents, and cat lovers on your list.


  • Fun and funky socks are in fashion. Snap a pic of your cat-obsessed friend’s kitty and create unique socks with their cat’s face as the pattern. Best done with kitty’s judgey face, but you do you!
  • For a gift that’s sure to become a conversation piece, order a set of handmade cat butt coasters in the fur pattern of your gift recipient’s pawesome pals, or get a variety set to celebrate the giggly, wiggly rears of cats of all colors.
  • Embrace your cat ladyship with a subscription box designed just for Cat Moms. Choose to send your crazy cat lady-friend a single box from their collection, or a longer subscription to delight every month (there are 3 and 6-month plans). These boxes include fun gifts for kitty and the cat lover.

    Give the Gift of a Clean Litter Box all Year Long

    Believe it or not, it’s like Christmas morning for your kitty to wake up from a cat nap and find a clean, odor-free litter box. One of the best gifts you can give your cat is a safe, comfortable and clean place to do their business. Cats are fastidious creatures, and if they don’t like the condition of their litter box you may find a “gift” from kitty in the form of urine or feces in places you don’t want.

    Keep your kitty happy by using a litter they like, maintaining the litter box daily, and putting the box in a safe place away from the hustle and bustle of the holidays or your everyday life.

    Try these cat-approved ARM & HAMMER™ cat litters to help keep your kitty happy and healthy.


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