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How to Recycle Your Cat Litter Packaging

Is it recycling or garbage? How can I be a cuddly cat parent and a friend to the earth? Well, with a few helpful tips you can create just a bit less waste by recycling the paper or cardboard box that carried your favorite Arm & Hammer™ cat litter once you’re done with it.

1.Check the Label on Your Box

Look for a How2Recycle label on the bottom or side of your box of Arm & Hammer litter. It will tell you if your box is made from cardboard, coated paper, plastic, or another material.

2.Follow the How2Recycle Directions

If your box has a recycling symbol with no text inside the symbol – congratulations, your litter box can easily be recycled no questions asked! See an example of the image below. All Arm & Hammer cardboard boxes can be easily recycled.


how to recycle cardboard cat litter packaging


If your box has a recycling symbol with the phrase “Check Locally” it may not be recycled in all communities. You should check with your recycling provider to confirm that they can take it. Look at their website or give them a call.

3. Preparing Your Cardboard Cat Litter Box for Recycling

Once you’ve confirmed that your box can be recycled in your community, ensure that it is empty and then place the broken-down box into your recycling bin.

You’ve done it! You’ve recycled your Arm & Hammer™ Cat Litter box. Keep up the good work and remember an odor free home starts with Arm & Hammer™!

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