ARM & HAMMER™ Naturals* Clumping Litter (type)
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Naturals* Clumping Litter

    Arm & Hammer™

    Naturals* Clumping Litter

    • Made with natural corn, baking soda and plant extracts for outstanding odor elimination
    • Absorbs 2x as much odor-causing urine as clumping clay litter
    • Virtually Dust free
    • Hard clumps for easy scooping
    • 50% lighter than clumping clay for he same amount of uses
    • *Also contains mineral oil for dust control, and artificial scent added
    • Advanced odor neutralizes the toughest feces and urine odors on contact
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    Product Ingredients

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    How absorbent is ARM & HAMMER™ Naturals™ Cat Litter?

    It absorbs 2x the liquid vs. regular clay litters. This is far in excess of clay-based litters. ARM & HAMMER™ Naturals™ Cat Litter absorbs from the top down and clumps do not adhere to the litter tray bottom, eliminating sticking to the litter pan. This is a problem common to clay based litters, which makes it more difficult to manage the litter box.

    What is the source for ARM & HAMMER™ Naturals™ Cat Litter ingredients?

    The main ingredient in ARM & HAMMER™ Naturals™ Cat Litter is a specially formulated blend of natural plant based cellulose substrate components. This blend absorbs urine and aids in deodorization. Smaller amounts of natural guar gum and mineral oil aid in clumping. Finally, we use ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda and a proprietary deodorization technology to absorb and eliminate odors.

    Naturals* Clumping Litter

    Naturals* Clumping Litter

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