How to Throw a Pawsome Cat Birthday Party for your Purr-fect Pal

Your cat is more than a pet. They’re a beloved family member. Every year you spend with them deserves a cat birthday party. Throw a purr-fectly pawsome party, complete with a cat birthday cake and decorations. It’s a great reason to get together with friends and celebrate with cat-titude.


Cat Birthday Party Ideas Mew Can Do Meow

You celebrate the birthdays of your other family members. Why should your fur-mily be any different? Many people throw a birthday party for their pets, both to mark milestones and make memories. You can have a lot of fun creating cat birthday party invitations, decorations, and games to ramp up the claw-some and make a meow-ficent and unforgettable party.


We’ve put our thinking caps on and created a list of must-do’s for a cat birthday party you and your friends will remember forever and your cat will deign to participate in. While we don’t recommend trying to put a party hat on your feline birthday boy or girl, your cat will love a birthday cake of their own.


Birthday Cakes for Cats

What is any birthday party without a cake? You wouldn’t serve your cat a traditional human birthday cake to your kitty (that would be an un-fur-tunate cat-astrophe), but there are special birthday cakes you can make just for Sir Paws-a-Lot. There are even recipes for cat birthday cake icing made of mashed potatoes and rice flour for an extra special touch.


Make a super-simple individual cat birthday cake with tuna, egg white, flour, and cheese, baked in a muffin tin. Bonus: the recipe makes two so you can enjoy one with your litter-al best buddy. You can even snazz it up with some shrimp cocktail garnish, and serve the rest to your human guests.


If your kitty king or queen is more into mixed-grill, try this recipe for healthy and delicious cat birthday cakes made with tuna, chicken and sweet potato. Warning: this recipe makes 16 kitty cakes, but you can freeze them individually for a treat on another special celebration for your lord-of-lounging or lady-of-lap-sitting.


Cat Birthday Party Decorations

Yes, the birthday paw-ty is for your cat, but it’s also for your friends and family. Celebrating your kitty’s gotcha day or approximate birthday is a great reason to go for an awesome cat-themed party. Much like a beach-themed bash or graduation gala, you can take the occasion to the max with cat décor and theming.


Some ideas include:


  • Cat ear headbands – turn your guests into honorary kitties to join the birthday cool cat. Make them ahead of time or have your guests craft their own from supplies you provide as a fun cat birthday party activity.
  • Cat balloons, or Mylar balloon letters – Spell out Meow or your cat’s name or a cat pun (see below). You can also convert plain balloons into adorable kitties with some permanent markets and construction paper.
  • Cat piñata – Unless the idea of hitting a kitty effigy with a stick is a-paw-ling to you.
  • Cat plates, napkins – There are entire collections of items made just for cat birthday parties.
  • Paws for pawprints – Draw cat paws on your windows and mirrors with dry-erase markers or make pawprint cut-outs to add to tabletops and walls. Use chalk to draw pawprints on your sidewalk or driveway leading into your party.
  • Cat pun posters – Make signs that say things like “No Dogs Allowed,” “Cat Crossing,” “Are You Kitten Me?” and “Paws for Celebration.”
  • Cat toy decorations – Roll up small balls of yarn and place in a bowl. Put boxes out everywhere for your cat to choose from. Add toy mice to your table. Use a catnip (catmint) plant as a centerpiece.
  • Showcase your cat in photos – Display pictures of your cat when they were a kitten, and other memories over their lives. 


Cat Birthday Party Invitations

You’re inviting your friends and family, not necessarily other cats. Introducing extra cats suddenly could cause your kitty to run and hide or show their hiss-terical side. Keep your cat feline fine and the focus of the celebration by limiting the friends to two-legged ones who dispense catnip, treats, and pets to your fur-baby.


If you do opt to invite other cats along with their cat parents, be sure you put out extra toys, treats, pillows, and blankets for optimal snoozing spots. Some cats are more social than others and will welcome the company. And, if you do safely allow other cats in your home, consider a multi-cat litter from Arm & Hammer to minimize odors.


Look on Etsy or Zazzle for some custom cat birthday party invitations and support artists and fellow cat lovers. Check out Pinterest for some pet birthday party invitation ideas you may be able to DIY.


Cat Birthday Party Games

  • Mewsical Chairs – Play cat-themed mewsic. It can be background music or ramp up the game with mewsical chairs. For extra fun, use cat cushions instead of chairs, or label the chairs with kitty favorite snoozing spots such as “sunny window,” “top of refrigerator,” “under the bed,” “my hooman’s lap,” or “laundry basket.”
  • Best cat pun contest – Encourage the pun-ishment and the mews-ery. Reward the most pawsome and the most a-paw-ling.
  • Cat memes – Go to the internet and print off famous cat memes. Give copies to guests and have them come up with new memes from the pictures. Vote on the best, worst, silliest, most apt, etc.
  • Cat scavenger hunt – Cats love to hunt, and to hide things. Taking a twist on an Easter Egg hunt, hide small mice or other cat toys and see who finds the most. Don’t forget cat-favorite hiding places, like your shoes.
  • Help real cats in need – Use some of your time together celebrating to make catnip toys or package kitten adoption gift bags. You can encourage your guests to donate money to the “kitty” and funds will go to your local shelter. Guests can also bring food, treats, cat supplies, cat litter, or blankets to donate to your shelter after the festivities. 


Cat Birthday Party Food Ideas

  • Cat cake for humans – Make a cake in the shape of a cat head or get a cake made featuring a photo of your kitty.
  • Seafood dishes – Cats are notorious for loving fish, so go for this food theme with your people food. Now’s the time for miniature crab cakes, seafood dip, shrimp cocktail, seared ahi tuna bites, and salmon croquettes.
  • Pawprint brownie bites – With a silicone baking mold, you can turn your favorite brownie recipe into bite-size adorable pawprints. You can also make chocolates or butter mints using these molds.
  • Kitty-shaped finger sandwiches – You can purchase a cookie cutter in the shape of a cat’s head and use it to cut out your bread to make cute finger sandwiches. Level up by filling them with noms cats love, such as tuna salad, chicken salad, or smoked salmon with cream cheese or mascarpone. 


Litter-ally Love Your Cats

Of course, you celebrate your cat in your life every day, though maybe not with as much fanfare as the cat birthday party that makes hiss-story. Show your love for your kitties by making their lives comfortable, healthy, and happy.


Arm & Hammer shares your love for cats and makes a line of cat litter products to help keep your home odor-free and your kitties happy. Check out our litters to find the right one for your purr-fect pal.


  • Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat – When you have more than one feline, you need strong odor control. Comes in scented and unscented varieties.
  • Arm & Hammer Slide – No more scraping or scrubbing with EZ clean technology, patent pending.
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