Quick & Easy Way to Make Bath Fizzies

Make a splash in the bathroom. Drop these colorful homemade bath fizzies into the tub and watch
the natural bubbling action. Made with ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda, they're a gentle way to
soothe and soften skin. Start to finish, this project is sure to put a smile on your kids' faces.

  • Mix 2 tsp unsweetened lemon drink mix, 1 tsp flour or cornstarch, and 4 tsp ARM & HAMMER™
    Baking Soda in a bowl.
  • Mix 4 tsp baby oil or mineral oil with 3-6 drops food coloring in a separate bowl.
  • Slowly mix the colored mixture into the dry ingredients.
  • Make small 1" balls of mixture. Place on wax paper to dry.
  • It takes 24-48 hours for fizzies to dry completely.
  • Fill your bathtub. Drop in a couple of bath fizzies and enjoy a whole new way to get clean! They
    make great gifts too!

Remember the importance of adult supervision, especially with young children.