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Whitens, cleans, repairs and strengthens enamel for a radiant smile in just 5 days!*
*Data on file.
Get maximum relief from painful sensitivity, while effectively removing plaque and surface stains.
The Original Baking Soda toothpaste, with 65% Baking Soda, for superior cleaning power.
Featuring a refreshing twist of mint, this revolutionary toothpaste strengthens, cleans and repairs tooth enamel.
With Stain Defense™ technology to help prevent new stains from setting.
This all-in-one formula, with Stain Defense™, helps prevent new stains from setting.
Our ultimate deep cleaning formula, providing “serious care for healthy teeth & gums™.”
Introducing a fresh new cleaning sensation! Cleans deep with a surge of spearmint for lasting freshness.
Smile with confidence! Get noticeably whiter teeth and lasting freshness with the power of Baking Soda.