Simply Saline™ Relieve + Protect Allergy Nasal Pump Mist

Relieve Protect Allergy Pump Large


Don't let allergy season stop you. Instead, fight back at the first sign of nasal symptoms by flushing out allergens and nasal congestion to provide instant relief. This unique formula contains a Hyaluronic Complex that provides a weightless coating of long-lasting moisture for hours of soothing comfort.

• Drug free, preservative free & steroid free
• Provides instant relief
• Helps fight nasal congestion from indoor & outdoor allergies
• Can be used safely with oral medications
• Can be used as often as needed
• Non habit-forming & no withdrawal symptoms

The secret to feeling better is simple. See what makes Simply Saline™ Relieve + Protect Allergy Pump different from other nasal care products.

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