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Scary Simple Costumes


Spooky Fun is Lurking in Your Closet: Halloween Costumes in Minutes

Halloween is almost here! But fear not, you’re probably more ready than you think. Chances are, you already have the makings of some frightfully fun costumes right in your closet. With a few choice pieces, and a little creativity, your kids can be ready for a howling good time in…well, no time. And, as an extra bonus, you can avoid those haunting price tags found at costume stores.

Back to Camp
Easy and, well, campy! Dress your child in khaki shorts, a flannel shirt, tall socks and hiking boots. Mess up their hair and throw in a few sticks and leaves. This look is incomplete without a few dirt and grass stains! To really sell it, attach plastic bugs to their outfit and have them wear a backpack with a canteen and lantern hanging from it. And last, but not least, don’t forget the flashlight! This idea is great for you too, Mom!1

Super Silly Superhero
Put your child in a leotard and tie a lightweight blanket or towel around their neck. Have them wear socks on their arms and underwear over their clothes. Then, decorate their chest with a cardboard cutout of the first letter of their name. To add an extra, super-silly flair, add a rolled-up bandana around your little superhero’s head, along with a ski mask or goggles. This is great for a good laugh!1

Rock the ‘80s
This costume is so simple. Recreate the look of the ’80s with big, over-the-top hair and bright clothing that you can surely find in a relative’s closet. For girls, choose some neon tights or bright shorts and add a pair of leg warmers. For boys, bright clothes and combed-back hair is the way to go.2

Static Cling
Silly? Check. Adorable? Check, check! All you need are some everyday items. Simply safety pin socks, dryer sheets, a hand towel, and maybe even underwear to your child’s shirt and pants. For the perfect finishing touch, create the look of static hair with gel or hairspray.3

A Bag of Jellybeans
Cut leg holes into the bottom of a large, clear, plastic bag and have your child step in. Then, fill the bag with brightly colored balloons. Next, grab two handfuls of the bag from under the armpit and tie the ends in a knot over his or her shoulder. Do this for the other side as well. You can secure the knots with a piece of ribbon to make sure they don't loosen. Create a sign using a marker that reads, "Gourmet Jelly Beans” and carefully pin it to the bag.3

Raining Cats and Dogs
Here’s a fun one for you or your little one! Put on a rain jacket and boots, then using safety pins, attach cat and dog stuffed animals to the top of an umbrella. It doesn’t get any easier!4

This will be a tough costume for little chatterboxes! Dress them in black pants, a black-and-white striped top, white gloves and black shoes. Add suspenders and a beret. Cover their face in white face paint and rim their eyes with dark eyeliner. Then, use the eyeliner to draw on exaggerated eyebrows, and finish off the look with some bright, red lipstick. Have them practice talking with their hands and prepare to laugh a lot (silently)!

Once the costume making is done, the fun begins! Let your kids run outside and enjoy their sticky, gooey treats without worry, because ARM & HAMMER Clean Scentsations Laundry Detergent has you covered. has you covered. All three scents are made with ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda to help power out even tough dirt and odors—at a fraction of the cost compared to the leading brand, per load. Plus, you’ll love the vibrant, clean fragrances inspired by America’s National Parks:

  • Purifying Waters – Glacier Bay, Alaska
    Dive in to the fresh, crisp scent of America’s most pristine waters.
  • Sun-Kissed Flowers – Yosemite, California
    Revitalize your senses with the scent of rolling fields of flowers on a warm, summer day.
  • Twilight Sky – Acadia, Maine
    Envelop yourself in the relaxing, calm scent of dusk on the shores of Maine.

As you can see, even if you’ve waited until the last minute to figure out your family’s Halloween costumes, there’s no reason to be spooked. Just look in your closet and follow these simple, idea-starters. Soon, your little trick-or-treaters will be shrieking in delight!

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The revitalizing scent of flowers on a summer day is inspired by Yosemite National Park.
The relaxing, calm scent of dusk on the shores of Maine is inspired by Acadia National Park.