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Saline Mist

Nasty colds are nothing to sneeze at. Simply Saline™ nasal mists help clear congestion quickly and safely for all members of your family. Using only naturally derived ingredients*, Simply Saline™ helps relieve nasal congestion symptoms and the accumulation of dust, dirt, and pollen in the nostrils. After all, winter brings so much family fun there’s simply no time to get clogged down.

From adults to kids to babies, there’s a Simply Saline™ solution:

  • Sterile Saline Nasal Mist – This classic formula quickly and easily moisturizes and clears stuffy noses.
  • Baby Nasal Mist – A preservative-free formula and specially designed infant nozzle provide safe and effective nasal relief for babies and toddlers.
  • Children’s Cold Formula – Use this saline-based homeopathic mist to relieve runny noses, congestion and more with a specially designed children nozzle, for children aged 2+.
  • Cold With Menthol – This saline-based homeopathic mist will help relieve runny noses, dry nasal passages, sinus congestion and more.

*Doesn’t include Homeopathic