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Know the Facts of Multi-Cat Households

Know the Facts of Multi-Cat Households
  • Nearly one half of cat-owning households (49%) already own two or more cats. 1
  • The average household has 2.1 domesticated cats. 1
  • 35.4 million U.S. households own at least one cat. 1
  • Regionally, cat owners keep more cats per household in the south (3.2 cats) than any other region; New England (1.9 cats) and Midwest (2.4 cats). 2
  • 46 percent of cat owners consider their cats to be members of their family. 2
  • Despite community efforts, less than 20 percent of owned cats are adopted from animal shelters. 1
  • More than 75 percent of cats that enter animal shelters will not be adopted. 3

And the Benefits
  • If you are getting a kitten, get two! Multiple cats are just as easy to keep as one and allow for a smoother transition when cats need to adapt to additional life changes. 4
  • Cats that are raised with other cats are more accepting of newcomers than those who are raised in social isolation. 4
  • Cats living in a one pet household are more likely to cause mischief while left alone due to the lack of activity and feline companionship. 4
  • Felines from a Multi-cat household are less likely to suffer from either depression or separation anxiety. 4
  • Major symptoms of feline separation anxiety syndrome include inappropriate elimination, destructiveness, and aggression. 4

Show Your Cat How Much You Care
  • Try to provide playful interaction with you cat twice a day! Tempt your cats with fun toys to avoid inappropriate mischief.
  • Stay positive! Encourage good behavior with praise and attention. Correct bad behavior by providing positive alternatives such as a toy or scratching post.
  • If you have more than one cat, make sure to have more than one litter box. Place the litter box in a relatively quiet spot to provide privacy.
  • Let your cat act out its natural predator instincts! The best toys are those that allow cats to be interactive with jumping and pouncing. (Don’t substitute a hand or finger as a play object.)
  • Provide your cat with a clean, dry place of their own. A cat bed can provide a private safe haven for your cat to escape to.

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2 U.S. Pet Ownership and Demographic Sourcebook (AVMA)
3 National Council of Pet Population Study and Policy
4 Dr. Stefanie Schwartz, Dr. Cookie’s Guide to Living Happily Ever After with Your Cat

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