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Beat the Heat

Hot Tips on Staying Cool lrg

Summer is here in full force and the living is easy—but beating the heat? Not so easy, especially if you want to keep those energy bills from skyrocketing. To discover the tips you need to chill out even while the temperature outside is rising, read on.

Water Works

Consider water your new best friend. Guzzle it, douse your clothes in it, and freeze it.

  • A glass of ice water can have an extraordinary effect—just eight ounces can hydrate you for up to an hour. When you’re hydrated, you feel cooler.1
  • Spritz the sleeves of your short-sleeved shirt or hem of your skirt with water. Then, sit in front of a fan and get ready to be refreshed.1
  • Freeze two ice packs, wrap them in towels and secure them around the pulse points on your wrists. You’ll feel the effect right away from this cold burst to the blood in your veins.2

Eat Smart

We’ve already discussed hydration and the difference it can make in helping keep you cool. The same is true for what you eat and how you fuel.

  • Did you know that large meals may make you feel hotter? Big meals spark your metabolism, warming your body temperature in the process. Instead of eating large meals, consume several small meals throughout the day.3
  • Now is the time to enjoy more frozen treats! Stay refreshed with popsicles or enjoy cut-up, frozen fruit.1
  • Spice things up! Spicy foods can actually make you sweat. In turn, the perspiration evaporates, making you feel cooler. Think of sweating as your body’s built-in AC system.1

Tips to Sleep On

If you’re too hot at night, you’re left wishing for a good night’s sleep, instead of actually getting one. Not to worry! Sleep better with these tips:

  • Get a fan for your bedroom. Situate it facing your bed, or wherever you’ll feel the breeze comfortably.2 Or, to add cooling circulation around the room, place your fan in an open window.1
  • Place a small pillow1 or your sheets, in the freezer for about an hour.3 Enjoy the cooling effect while you sleep!
  • Silk and satin bedding can be more comfortable options in the summer. Also, sleep in as light and as little attire as possible.1

Keep a Cool Attitude

  • Feeling cool can be mental! Watch a movie that takes place in a cold climate or read about a location, such as Alaska, and imagine yourself in the cold environment.1
  • Try meditative breathing. It accomplishes more than simple relaxation—it can leave you feeling cooled-off too. Here’s how: sit straight and roll your tongue into a straw. Inhale through your tongue and exhale out your nose. Do this for five minutes, rest, then repeat two more times so you’ve practiced a total of 15 minutes of breathing exercises.4
  • Feel fresh and confident for up to 24 hours—even when it’s a scorcher—with ARM & HAMMER™ UltraMax™ Antiperspirant Deodorants. They provide maximum-strength protection, plus the power of real ARM & HAMMMERTM Baking Soda to naturally absorb and eliminate odors, allowing you to stay active all day. Choose your favorite solid, gel or roll-on in unscented or a variety of fragrances.

Now that you have some simple tips on staying cool—even during the hottest days of summer—you can start enjoying the sun instead of running from it.

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