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A powerful detergent that’s gentle on your skin.

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There’s nobody on the planet more precious than your loved ones. If you or anyone in your family has sensitive skin, ARM & HAMMER Sensitive Skin Laundry Detergents provide the ultimate cleaning solution!

Our Free detergents are specially formulated to be good to your sensitive skin. They are dye-free and can tackle the toughest dirt and odors. Plus you get the freshness and cleaning boost of ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda! Designed to work in all machines including standard and today’s energy conscious High Efficiency (HE) models.

And now you don’t have to sacrifice scent to use a sensitive detergent! ARM & HAMMER Sensitive Skin Plus Scent is preferred 2 to 1 over the leading Free detergent.* It helps eliminate tough dirt and odors—all with a fresh, skin-friendly scent that leaves clothes smelling great.

*in a nationwide survey; among those with a preference.

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