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Delicare™ Fine Fabric Wash Usage Instructions

Delicare is formulated to gently wash your fine fabrics either by hand or in the washing machine. Always follow manufacturer’s care instructions provided on the garment label. Delicare is safe to use on all colorfast fabrics. If not colorfast, do not wash. Test by dipping a corner in water.

Machine Wash
  • Select gentle or delicate cycle. Fill machine with cold water. Add ¼ cup Delicare, then add garments. Rinse in cold water and spin. Follow drying instructions on garment labels.
  • For heavily soiled garments or extra large loads, use a little more Delicare.
Hand Wash
  • For bathroom sink, add 1-2 capfuls of Delicare to cold water. For kitchen sinks and laundry tubs, use ¼ cup Delicare. Let garment soak for 3 minutes. Gently squeeze suds through fabric. Rinse thoroughly in cold water. Roll garment in towel to remove excess water. Do not wring or twist. Dry flat, away from sun or heat.
  • For a stubborn spot, soak longer or apply Delicare directly to the area after thoroughly wetting the spot.