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Cats’ grooming behavior is not just vanity. It plays a role in keeping them healthy.

The De-Clawing Debate

Even the most devoted cat lover will admit to being frustrated and annoyed when the family feline damages a favorite item because of intense scratching.

Bringing Home Kitty

Bringing home your new kitten is exciting and sometimes overwhelming.

Caring For Your Older Cat

Just as older people have specific needs, older cats, those ten years or older, may require special care to keep them healthy and happy.

Are you Ready for a Cat?

Maybe it’s the lively kitten that grabs your attention. Or it’s knowing that the adult cat desperately needs a home.

Spraying and Marking

Whether they’re in the wild, or in their own yard, cats are territorial creatures and rely on nonverbal communication to signal to other cats the extent of their domain.

A Breed Apart

According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, less than 3% of owned cats worldwide are actually pedigreed –purebred cats of a specific breed.

Tips for Introducing a Second Cat to Your Home

Take your time! Introducing a new cat to your home may take a few weeks.

Know the Facts of Multi-Cat Households

Nearly one half of cat-owning households (49%) already own two or more cats.

Dental Care for Cats

Oral care is an important part of your cat’s overall health, and keeping your cat’s teeth clean is a great preventive measure.

No More Food Fights

Is your feline a finicky eater? No need to panic.

Avoiding the Fat Cat

Obesity is a major problem for the domestic cat and results in serious health consequences.

Coping with Litter Box Problems

Cats are naturally clean creatures –and this desire for cleanliness extends to their litter box.

Raising A Social Cat

Just as with children, kittens learn what they live.

Dealing With An Aggressive Cat

What makes your cat a pure joy one day and a ferocious feline the next?

Keeping Cats Off The Couch

Cats love to lounge and it’s probably no surprise that your favorite seat is a preferred location.

Keep your home sweet home smelling that way

When it comes to keeping your home fresh, you know what needs to be done – but your pets need all the help they can get.

When Cats Hear the Call of Nature, Our Natural Litter Answers Back

When it comes to natural products, you want everyone to get in on the act. Even your cat. That’s why we created ARM & HAMMER™ Essentials™ Natural Clumping Cat Litter.

Double Duty Cat Litter

The new litter that works Double Duty

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Keeping your Cat Amused

Cats are so independent that companions sometimes assume they don’t need our attention.

Kitten Care 101

From mealtime to playtime, get must-know tips for your kitten’s first 6 months.

4 Reasons Your Cat-Free Friends are Judging You

If you think your cat-less friends are judging you, you're probably right. The pet-less just don't understand and they usually have four main complaints.