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Dryer Sheet Usage Instructions

To get your clothes static-free, use ARM & HAMMER Essentials™ or ARM & HAMMER Fresh ’n Soft™ dryer sheets as follows:

Place a new dryer sheet on top of wet clothes in the dryer. For large loads or extra softness use two sheets. For synthetics, use low heat. If spotting occurs, wet and rub spot with bar soap and rewash.

ARM & HAMMER™ Dryer Sheets are safe for all washable fabrics and all dryer types.

Use Dryer Sheets Around Your House

Dryer sheets can be put almost anywhere you want to leave a fresh scent.
Check out these tips:
  • Place an unfolded dryer sheet in drawers and closets to add fresh fragrance to clothes and linens. Do not place the sheet in direct contact with clothes.
  • Keep your blankets and comforters smelling fresh by including a dryer sheet when storing them for the summer.
  • Dryer sheets help keep small spaces with strong odors smelling fresh and clean too. Put them in gym bags, lockers, wastebaskets, hampers and even shoes to leave a fresh scent.
  • Keep stored suitcases smelling fresh by adding a dryer sheet.
  • Put a dryer sheet in the trunk of your car, garbage pail or in the garage to keep those areas smelling fresh.
  • Rub a dryer sheet lightly over clingy clothes or linens for on-the-spot static cling reduction.

Other Products

Supercharged with OxiClean™ Stain Fighters for superior stain lifting and whitening (vs. leading value detergents).
Prevents static and freshens your clothes with the great floral scent of Wildflowers.
Prevents static and freshens your clothes with the fresh scent of Clean Mountain.